iPad 12 Pro … L@@k what hubby got me a couple of weeks ago for early christmas. The back is rose gold.  I like how big the screen is  (12.9) and how much lighter it is than my older and smaller 9″ iPad.  I think my old one is a generation 4.


Been busy setting it up and learning how to back it up to my PC using iTunes. At first I set it up to talk to me so it would read books but irobot voices irritate me after awhile.  I may get a test audio book from Amazon to test.  It has 4 speakers, so it’s pretty loud.

I do like GoodReader a lot for reading pdf files. When I come across charts that are difficult to read, I usually re-chart them using PCStitch then save as pdf.

The house on G.Leger by RDS was a bit difficult to read, even when blown up. I felt like I was going blind.


So I re-charted the ‘house part’ in color using PC Stitch on a PC running Windows 7.  It’s a basic charting program without a lot of bells and whistles, so the learning curve isn’t overwhelming.  So much easier than coloring the chart with colored pencils or markers.

PC Stitch46493657_1112224345611500_8274243818455302144_n

I save the PC Stitch chart, then…

  • Set to PRINT to pdf
  • One page
  • Symbol over color

…  and copy the PDF to my  Cloud space so I can access the files on other devices.  I have One Drive.  There are other cloud storage spaces.  Some are free….

  • OneDrive  (first 5GB free or 1TB for 1.99 a month)
  • Google Drive  (first 15GB free)
  • Dropbox  (first 5GB free)
  • iCloud  (first 5GB  free)

To get the file on my new iPad, I use GoodReader.  GoodReader is available for $4.99 on iTunes or free with limited functionality.  The green icon is the free one.  The blue icon is the paid version with extended functions.


GoodReader main screen.  My iPad connects to One drive and Google Drive.   If I click on ADD, it gives me a list of other cloud spaces to connect to.



On Good Reader, I connected to my One drive and downloaded into the app. The downloaded file appeared on the LEFT MENU.  I selected the file and it opened up ONE PAGE.   With the touch of two fingers… I made it bigger and bigger and bigger and moved it around and it still maintained it’s resolution. Now I can expand and contract the chart to make it easier to view without straining my eyes.



That was fun…  If there are any questions, please comment below and I’ll update the instructions to make it more self intuitive.