Stitch A Long for September 2018.

Started:  June 8, 2018 ….  Finished July 31 2018 – made a few changes from the original and also a few changes in one of the faces, but these are my changes to distinguish from other samplers.

Started June 2018

Color changes made on the chart…


Conversion to Splendor 12 strand silk.
DMC / Splendor
3852 (471) / S1107
738 (677) / S840
841 / S844
842 / S843
754 / S895
948 (951) / S1083
310 / S888 – changed black to dark gray
919 / S887 – may change to a lighter color S1127
826 / S871
775 / S862
760 / S897

Note: Color change on 760 – changing to 3688

Working board for parking needles and threads. Styrofoam covered with muslin.

Start 6/18/2018 – Touch Down

Top part… NOTE: Need to fix letters and words.

June 23, 2018

Center tree of life… still trying to figure out which multi-color to use for the birds. Off by one stitch on the top… on a row somewhere. I compensated by leaving out one row off in a flower. Used Gloriana Summer on one set of birds and Gloriana Harvest Grape for all the other birds. I’ll use Summer and Smoke for the next tree.

July 8, 2018

Gloriana Williamsburg Rose… Stitches a bit lighter than Splendor S814. does not stitch on variegated as expected.

DMC 4230 variegated. Not quite sure I like how it transitions color yet. Still experimenting.

Trees of life. No birds yet. Still deciding which multi-color threads to use.

DMC 4230 blues. had to control color transition. Also show how Gloriana rose transitions. It looks much softer than the splendor S814.

Splendor solor colors. with green variegated from Threadworx.

DMC 4230… I like it better when I can control where the light and dark colors go.


focusing on the top… need to fix the face a bit more. The blue on the staff is how the DMC blue 4230 transitions. Not sure I like that.


Here’s another close-up of the birds using other multi-color threads. Beaks, feet and tails are solid.

This is the face on the original sampler

This is how I changed the face from the original. I could probably do the same for the other faces but I decided to use the face on the original

Using Caron Wildflowers Eggplant for the tail.
Using bellagio for the birds above and whatever scraps left over for the beak, tail and feet

Using Gloriana Bellagio multi-color threads for the tail. Same for the birds above. Using solid colors for been feet and tails.