The Peaceable Kingdom adapted for cross stitch by Goode Huswife.

Model was stitched on 36 count antique Cotton by R & R Reproductions.
Stitch count is 181 w x 171 h.

  • 36ct.  10w x 9-1/2h
  • 32ct.  11-1/4w by 10-5/8 h
  • 28 ct – 12-78 w x 12-18 h


Original painting is by Edward Hicks  (circa 1822-25).  Edward Hicks was one of America’s most famous folk artists and painted 62 version the the Peaceable Kingdom from 1816 until his death in 1849.  Here is a gallery of some of the versions.

This is a picture of a stitched piece.



This design was created in 1999.  Since then we have so much more fabric and thread options at our disposal.

THREADS:  I think I will use DMC cotton threads since I already have them pulled  (5 years ago and stashed).

FABRIC:   I would like to use Picture this Plus but there are so many enticing colors to choose from.  I’ve narrowed it down to Heritage, Dubloon and Relic.


RE-CHART: I always re-chart the chart in color before I start so I can play with colors and background and maybe frame it…. just to get an idea of the finished product.  Also, for me, color charts are easier to read.  Charting took about 2 days.  After re-charting I can change background, add color mat boards, and frame it.


Heritage and Dubloon came in 40 count Newcastle.
40ct Linen (1 over 2 threads) = 9.05 x 8.55
Cut 13″ x 13″

Relic only came in 30ct Belfast Linen.
32ct Linen
(1 over 1 thread) = 5.65 x 5.34 – Cut 12″ x 12″
(2 over 2 threads) = 11.31 x 10.68 – cut 15 x 15


Date:  2/22/2017 ..  stopping to think.

I’m steering towards RELIC, however, it’s only 32 count (cut 13 x 17). I’ve tested 1 over 1. I can do it but frogging is a horrible experience. I’m back to considering 2 over 2 if I do this on 32ct but the fabric is cut 13 x 17.  I need the cut to be 15 x 15…. OR … sew a 4″ strip all the way around.

Status:  2/24/2017 – ordered RELIC 40 count from Picture this Plus.  Delivery is 2 to 3 weeks.  This should give me some time to finish my other WIPS.

Status:  2/26/2017 – Did some DYEING AGAIN.  Learned a lot from this process.   This is what I came up with.  I like the mottling effect.  the first 2 are tests on off white linen.  The Newcastle is the effect I wanted in an antique gold color.  If I soaked it longer, it would probably come out like RELIC so I’m putting it back in the dye bowl for another 30 min.