Facebook killed my Idyllicneedle Resources page so…. I’m going to post Quilting Tips here.


Susan Cohn LaCroix Instead of solely relying on my 1/4 inch foot, I put down a 2″ strip of 1/2 inch wide 3M Scotch mounting tape to mark my 1/4″
seam. Your fabric feeds perfectly straight, and since it is thick, the fabric butts up against it perfectly with no shifting. I keep the green side up. It lasts a long time. The worst that happens is when a pin gets between the top green layer and the tape, thus pulling the green up causing it not to adhere as well when you press it back down. Sometimes it comes off, but the threads cover up the sticky part, so you can use it a little longer. A roll of it lasts a long time.

Theresa Boyd When I finish pressing a seam, I immediately place it under one of my larger square rulers until it cools. It’s amazing how it keeps the seam flat.

Frances Dowling Harner Pressing as you go is SO important! I can tell when a quilter has skipped this step:

Sally Spencer Neckvatal I use a stiletto in my right hand when sewing. It helps keep fabric aligned, straighter seams, better curves, and no needles through fingers! J recently taught this trick to some people I work with at a leather mitten and glove factory and they were amazed. The company has been around 30 years and none of them ever used a stiletto until now.    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GhfpLuDA9yM&app=desktop

Linda Pyke I (almost) always use best press on the fabric.BEFORE cutting it for the project. Especially if its on the bias! Anytime that I forget to do this, I regret it. The project always turns out cleaner and crisper when I do.

Christine Swieszcz I just discovered Best Press. I bought some at my lqs and liked it so much I ordered 33 oz for $12 from amazon.

Beth Kobliska Usually when joining strips together, as in borders, or if we’re short on fabric, and need to piece some scraps together, we use a 45 degree seam, as this is less noticeable than a 90 degree seam. But not always – On polka dot or stripe fabric it’s better to use a 90 degree seam, and carefully cut so the seam will be concealed – stripe, sew in the middle of the stripe, and try to keep the width of the stripes the same. Polka dots, usually there’s a place between the rows of dots where there’s just background – that’s a good place to put a seam. Try to match plaids.

Donna Holzman Before you start to sew take a small scrap of fabric fold it( 1inch piece) put it in front of you presser foot and sew onto it . Then go ahead and sew your pieces, chain piecing. Before you cut the thread and start again, cut the little piece you started with off and sew onto it . It save you thread getting all balled up in the feed dog area

Sally Leer Hanson I wind 5 bobbins when I start a quilt. When I need a new bobbin, it is there, ready to go! When I get through all 5 bobbins, I add a drop of oil to my bobbin case, clean the feed dogs, and change the needle. I throw away the old needle, and any old or nicked rotary cutter blades in an old translucent plastic container marked “sharps”. This is for the safety of the people taking care of my trash and recyclables.

Barbara Caine Romano don’t pre wash ! wait till the quilt is finished, you get that lovely, crinkled look ! (toss a couple Color Catchers in the wash, if you are nervous)

Linda Grace Bradley Buy a cheap plastic table cloth with a flannel backing to use as a design wall. Fabric will stick to the flannel. My husband said that will never work! But he was wrong! Lol

Denise Curtis I have learned to pin fabric with the heads to my left and the point of the pin going toward the seam. then I use my left hand to pull the pin as I sew, that way my right hand cont’s to guide the fabric and my left hand works the pins. The ergonomics are just a lot better.

Lisa Kair I use lots of painters tape to hold backing down to hardwood floors while putting batting and quilt together. Then lots of safety pins. Even king size quilts are smooth on both sides. Machine quilting is a lot easier.

Clair Marie Ballard I work with squares and triangles a lot. To make a half square I take 2 strips that are two and a half inches wide and sew them together on both sides with right sides together. Then I use my triangle template and rotary cutter and cut triangles out. It’s an easy way to cut hst.

Missouri Quilt Company tutorials:   https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=missouri%20star%20quilt%20company%20tutorials

Terry McMullen Carney When I need to sandwich my top/batting/backing instead of tape or expensive quilting clips or less expensive but still costly binder clips, I went to the hardware store and bought small wood clamps (2″) – 6 of them for under $5. I attach the clamps to my dining room table starting with the middle section of the quilt, add the pins, and then shift the quilt sandwich from side to side/end to end until the whole thing is pinned. Binder clips made dents in my soft wood table.