Diaper Liners that fit Best Bottoms covers

Diaper Liners

Baby gets changed up to 10 times a day because baby has low tolerace to “dirty diaper”. Not only that but consider our “landfills” because of disposible diapers. We (as in family who will be looking after baby) should consider cloth diapers. Thus… became the joy of the hunt… find solution, review, research, test. We learned that there are many people out there producing their idea of the perfect “cloth diaper”. After trying 5 different types of cloth diapers, we settled on BEST BOTTOMS brand.

$12 for three.
Small: 11″ for birth-14 lbs (green)
Medium: 12.75″ 11-22 lbs (white)
Large: 13.75″ 16-35 lbs (blue)

For a complete stash, you will want about 8-10 shells (covers) and 18-24 inserts per size.

The Best Bottoms Stay Dry Insert consists of 4 layers of super thirsty microfiber topped with a super soft no-pill fleece pulling wetness away from baby’s bottom keeping them feeling dry.

The Best Bottoms Hemp/Organic Cotton Insert consists of 5 layers of hemp/Certified Organic cotton topped with a soft layer of hemp/Certified Organic cotton fleece. Hemp inserts will shrink slightly during first washings making them consistent with the other insert sizing. Natural fibers need to be prepped to become absorbent.
Please wash and dry 4-5 times before first use.

The Best Bottoms Bamboo Inserts consist of 6 layers of silky soft bamboo viscose. These are unbelievably soft and trim and still super absorbent. Natural fibers need to be prepped to become absorbent. Please wash and dry 4-5 times before use.

How to make:


Fuzzibunz Microfleece  (6 yds) – 2 yds make 9 liners

Snap side gets knit fabric.





PUL (plastic lined) in the main part.  Front pocket with zipper.  Zipper, snaps for the handle.

12.5" x 15.5" with front pocket

12.5″ x 15.5″ with front pocket

12 x 15 with mesh front

12 x 15 with mesh front

three sizes

three sizes

7.5 x 10  –  12.5 x 16   –   17 x 21