Promarkers by Letraset is available from Amazon.

I watched a video that shows how to permanently color silk ribbon.

It makes me wonder if silk threads can withstand the same coloring process with Promarker.  I guess the only way is to test.  These markers are available at Amazon.  The problem is… there are so many sets.  I’d like to get a simple set to test.  Maybe something in this color range to start.  These look like pastel and bold.

ProMarker Pens

Craft Designer Set


  • Alcohol based, non-toxic, permanent ink
  • Twin-tipped allowing for a variety of strokes within one marker
  • Set includes: 24 x ProMarkers in colours- Berry red, Burgundy, Mandarin, Amber, Yellow, Sunflower, Khakhi, Lime Green, Pear green, Bright green, Mint green, Lush Green, Turquoise, Denim Blue, Azure, Royal Blue, Indigo Blue, Amethyst, Mulberry, Plum, Maroon, Carmine, Antique Pink, Cocktail Pink + 1 free storage wallet.

Twin Tipped


Distributors are in the UK.

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