These are my favorites so far… Four gorgeous stamp sheets, each with three stamps, Resulting in twelve different Dutch traditional costumes (Katwijk, Zuid-Beveland, stone, Hindeloopen, Spakenburg, Huizen, Axel, Eerde, Volendam, Marken, Staphorst, Walcheren). These stamps are distributed by Dominica, Gambia, Grenada and Grenada Grenadines, and are obviously by the same designer (s). They were made ​​to commemorate the International Stamp Exhibition Amphilex 2002 in Amsterdam. It was a major stamp exhibition celebrating the 150th Anniversary of the introduction of the first postage stamps in the Netherlands. They look very much like the drawings of January Duyvetter.  January Duyvetter (1915 – 1985) which head of the department of traditional costumes at the Dutch Open Air Museum. He wrote lots of publications about fashion and traditional costumes, Which he illustrated himself.

These are more…

Little Girls from different regions

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