I’ve added Hannah Pepper sampler to the Future Project list.  There’s a SAL going on in FB.  As of today it only as 49 members.  I think it’s because this design is so hard to find.


Hannah Pepper

The design appears in FINE LINES Magazine.

Although there are 4 FINE LINE issues that have Hannah Pepper, the pattern is only in the first three, Summer 2002, Fall 2002, and Winter 2003. The fourth issue is about a technique for framing the sampler only.


It took me about a year to find all the issues, but well worth the hunt.


I finally took the time to look at this sampler design to stage out projects for 2016.  The chart definitely has charting errors.  Part II is slightly off by two or three.  The only solution would be to chart it with a charting program and reposition where the error is. I


OK.. Charting is complete… and I’m so glad I did it before I started.  It was off by quite a bit in the middle.  Had to do lots of nudging here and there.

I’m not too fond of the words.  I may just change the words to alphabets and a few medallions or cartouches here and there.

Also, while I was charting…

Bowls of Fruit:  I did not like the way the bowls of fruit were designed.  I’ll be changing those.

Flowers and Vases:  The right side is the same as the left side.  I’ll be change the flower vases and flowers on the right side but keep it the same colors to maintain symetry. The idea is to keep it from getting boring through repetition.

Grass:  There are two colors for the grass.  I’ll be changing the thread to overdyed threads that emulate the two colors.