I need a “tail catcher”.   Something that catches short ends of threads in the back.  This happens quite often during a “frogging” session where threads have to be pulled because of a counting mistake or thread change.   I’m thinking I should get some self-threading needles.  It seems there are different kinds out there.


  1. The original open eyed needle threads from the top. It is also called the
    “self threading” or “French Spring eye” or “Calyx eye”
  2. One Second NeedleTM, sold by Telebrands, threads on the side of the eye
    and is a licensed version of the “Spiral Eye Needle” It is being discontinued.
  3. SENCHTM needles thread on the side of the eye
  4. Spiral Eye(R) Needles thread on the side of the eye.

A little review from Mary Corbet of NeedleNThread on Sprial Eye Needles

I would like to get a couple of SPIRAL EYE size 26 needles to do this job.

They are available on Nordic Needle or from Spiral Eye.