Every once in awhile I get excited about a designer.  This one is new  (well… new to me…).  Shows insight into another world… almost.   Her designs are so playful and colorful.



Here are a list of blogs and articles on her…

De Borduurvrouw Workshop:  http://deborduurvrouw.blogspot.com/2013/10/workshop-geertje-westra.html

Berthi’s Blog:   http://berthi.textile-collection.nl/2010/04/10/geertje-westra/

Carolyn Foley:  http://carorose.typepad.com/my_weblog/2014/06/that-translator.html

Geertje Westra in Goes, at the museum De Bevelanden. .. Her work is so inspiring. This one is my favorite. Haunting, yet if you look closely, it has a wealth of stitches and techniques imaginable.  http://www.zeelandnet.nl/…/12…/Borduren_maar_dan_anders.html

Tiny Koppens:  http://www.tinykoppens.nl/sphpblog/index.php…


This is Ferdinand, a now deceased drifter, from the city of Groningen. Geertje was so impressed by his life and has made an embroidery.

Plain Needlework:  http://nuttige-handwerken.blogspot.com/2013/09/het-borduurwerk-van-geertje-westra.html

Waterlappen Jubilee:  http://www.merklap.nl/waterlappen