This is the original efteling designed by Thea Gouverneur.  It has been OOP for quite awhile.  I don’t usually do designs like this but I’ve recently learned so much about Efteling last year and was drawn to the goose girl.

Efteling website:

Google Search:  images of EFTELING


My good friend Ina asked Thea’s son Stephen if Thea would create kits for a limited time, which he so gratiously did.


Enabler Ina also included a puchase i made from Merkwaardig in the package. Oh joy.  Its like christmas again.


2/18/2015… I haven’t received it yet so I can’t stage it.  However, the fabric that comes in the kit is Aida. I will be using Lugana 25, Antique white,  stitching 1 over 1. I may contact Annie to ask what the dimensions of the design is  (she got hers already). If the chart is B/W, I’ll have to color it in first. Actually, it depends on how big the chart is.   Of course, with everything I stitch, I will start in the center.  That means I get to stitch the fun part first… the Goose Girl. I tested 1 over 1 on Lugana 25 and feel its very comfortable. 25 and 28 are good counts to do 1 over 1.  Any smaller than that, I will need a magnifer. OK… well that’s the plan.  Will be back when it comes in the mail.  *rubs hands together in excitement*.

2/20/2015… It has arrived.  I may have to color the chart.  Hmm… I don’t have these many pen colors.   I may have to plan a stitching strategy for coloring the chart.  I stitch faster when the chart is in color.

The symbols are on the thread holder that the threads are already threaded on. That’s the first time I’ve seen that.  The color keys are usually on the design with the color number.  I’ve compared the threads to the actual thread DMC color card and marked their numbers on a separate sheet… just in case I run out of a color or need to chart first.