This dutch sampler is Antje Jildirst 1746


I will most likely be using 32 ct Sand linen.  This sampler is a chart in Letter Voor Letter.


To get a peek at some of the inside pages, please refer to Needleprint…   http://needleprint.blogspot.com/2014/07/letter-voor-letter-letter-by-letter.html



the chart instructions are in cm… so I have to do some calculations.

12 threads p.cm  (30ct) = visable size 63 x 37cm.>>> 24.8 x  14.56
14 threads p.cm (35 ct) = visible sice 54 x 32cm  >>>   21.25 x  12.59

OK… here’s the thing.  I don’t see anything in the instructions that say what count witdth and height so I may have to count and squares on the chart… manually. Im not sure if the measurements about are before or after the 3 or 4″ border for framing.  18 x 28 is a fat half.  I may not have to cut since I have those pieces in the 32 ct box.


I don’t see references to a thread color key… hmm… that’s sad.  I may have to make it up as I go along.  … unless I find the color key page.

In any case,  I plan to use DMC for this one.


2/18/15… begin staging…