I need a new project like a hole in the head but I couldn’t resist this one. *pounding new hole in my head*.   Since this is a specialty stitch year, when selecting samplers for this year, they need to fit “specialty stitch” criteria.

Ancestral Tree .jpg

ANCESTRAL TREE by Tempting Tangles

Size is 249 x 214.  Model was worked with Kreinik Silk Mori, on Zweigart Vintage Belfast Autumn Field over 2 threads of linen.  A suggested cross reference to Dinky Dyes silk is included.

The specialty stitches are Back stitch, Smyrna Cross, Sofia Stitch, Upright Cross, Four-sided, Algerian Eye, Algerian Eyes and some small motifs in petite stitch.



Zweigart Vintage Belfast Autumn Field…

Belfast linen is 32count.  Size of design is 249 x 214.  I will be stitching 2 over 2.

249 >>>  15.56  >>> cut 22″
214 >>>  13.43  >>> cut 20″

I just checked my 32ct stash box.  It’s over flowing with 32ct fabric… so I may pick something from the stash box instead of buying more.. However, I’ll keep this picture up for reference.

I kind of like stitching with 1 strand of thread these days and two strands IF a solid color instead of overdyed.   With 32 ct, 1 over 1, the coverage is kind of “delicate” looking. More subtle.

This is an example of one strand, 1 over 2.  From far away, it looks fine but close up, bothers me a bit. I may change the fabric to 36 or 40 count if I use Dinky Dyes silk.

Lugana 32, 1 over 2, DMC


Haven’t decided whether to use Dinky Dyes or Kreinik Silk Mori.  I have lots of skens of silk more but only 5m skeins.  I’ll have to check to see if I have more or can improvise.

Kreinik Silk Mori (7087-2skeins, 0305, 4167-3 skeins, 4164-2skeins, 0515, 7025, 7024)

If I decide on Dinky Dyes… here are the colors needed.

Dinky Dyes Silk floss (113, 166, 194-2 skeins, 051, 067, 191, 211)

Update   2/21/2015

This is a snap of the supply list.


I just checked my box of silk mori.  Out of that whole box, I can’t believe I don’t have any of those colors.  Not ONE.  Unbelievable.


Oh well… If I order anything, it will be Dinky Dyes.

… from Stitching Bits and Bobs.   Normally $4 skein.  On sale… $3.20 skein  done.

Update 2/25/2015

The threads that came in are not as vibrant as the picture above.  They are more pastel.  The shades look similar to Caron Wildflowers.

These pictures were taken under an LED light.  It’s nighttime.   I’ll take them again in the morning.


LAMBSWOOL 32 count – on the left is Autumn Field


White Linen 32 count


Lugana 28ct Autumn Field


Autumn Blush 32 count –  on the right is Autumn Field


32 count linen White

Update 2/26/15

I’ve decided to use Autumn Field 28 ct.   The size of the cut is 18 x 27.

Size of design is 249 x 214.  I will be stitching 1 over 2.  3″ allowance on all sides.

249 >>>  17.79  >>> cut 24″
214 >>>  15.29  >>> cut 21″

If serious about using this piece,  baste a 3″ cotton band on the bottom and top of the piece.

Update 3/17/15

Fabric selection is done after the first stitch is planted.  I ended up planting on Lugana ivory 32ct.  I also figured out that one of the skeins I ordered is wrong.  Instead of Jungle Green, I ordered Mocha Mauve.  No wonder the colors looked kind of odd.  Anyway, I ordered the Jungle Green and gave away the Mocha Mauve.  The Jungle Green came in yesterday, so I can “plant” more stitches until it looks like more than a blob.  The design from the center is mostly this green so I couldn’t jump around like I normally do.  I only have 11 x 17 frames left.  When I get farther along, I’ll change the frame.

I’ve been reading a bit about Hardwicke frames from Mary Corbet’s blog.  I think I’d like to try one.  This 11 x 17 Qsnap frame is a little too heavy for my hand.   I like to stitch really up close with the frame against my chest.

Update:  4/15/15

photo 2 photo 3 photo 4

This is how far I’ve gotten.  I had to put it away for a bit because I was making too many mistakes.  I ended up working on the Marken Sampler on 36ct.