Big Ship of Life by Ink Circles



The picture on the right is a Tampan shipcloth or palapai. Im in the process of staging Big ship of life by Ink Circles. This is the effect I would like to achieve.




This year, I’ve decided that each project needs to be staged and documented before starting.  Documenting is part of the staging process.  If not carefully thought out and planned, it should not be started.  Also… this is the place to document progress.


Threads will be gloriana. I ordered rosewood back in november and it still hasn’t arrived. I may have to figure out an alternative.

012_Rosewood Rosewood

Cindy Wasner is using schoolhouse red and Kay-Lynn is using dutch red. Will need to post those colors side by side for comparison.

162_SchoolhouseRed Schoolhouse Red

GlorianaPP0248DutchReds Dutch Red

I will also be adding midnight blue on the borders.

093_Midnight Midnight Blue


Plan is for fabric to be 40ct using tent stitch, 1 over 1.



Once color is decided… determine type of Gloriana silk is best for 40 ct.
I was thinking… Luminesence.  Linda Vinson suggests Tudor silk.  I will also be adding midnight blue on the borders.

Description of Tudor Silk on Gloriana site….  Our hand-dyed Tudor Silk (manufactured in Switzerland) is an extra-fine silk wonderful for stitching on high count fabrics such as 40 & 45 count linens. It separates into 12 strands, with each strand half the weight of a “normal” strand of our silk floss. Stitch with one strand over-one on fine counts or vary the number of strands for other counts.  To stitch, use a short length of Tudor Silk. If knotting occurs, Thread Heaven can help prevent it.


I havent decided the color of the cloth. I had thought mocha but its too dark. Definitely newcastle linen. It comes in overdyed colors. Will need to post colors for comparison.


ALTERNATIVES:  from Linda Vinson  (the Attic)

Stash Raid


Size Matters

Design is 345W x 421H.

Stitching 1 over 1

40 ct. … 8.63W x 10.53H… cut   15W x 17H
36 ct …  9.58W x 11.69H…. cut  16W x 18H
32 ct …  10.78w x 13.16H … cut  17W x 20H
28 ct …  12.32W x 15.04H  …  cut 19W x 21H

Testing and selection

Picture of test here…

Newcastle 40 1 over 1

40 count, 1 over 1, tent stitch  (left wing)… full cross  (right wing)
Fish  (1 over 2)


32 ct…  Red border (1 over 2),  Brown B  (1 over 1)
Top flower  (Gloriana regular floss, 1 over 1)
Bottom flower  (Gloriana Tudor Silk, 1 over 1)


36 count, 1 over 1,


2/15/15… Notes and responses posted in facebook.


Roxy Voorhees:  I also love 45 count … This is Prairie Moon’s “Red & Black” over 2 with one strand of Splendor silk over two.

Roxy Voorhees is using 52 count Vintage Exampler full cross over two. I am using Vicki Claytons Super Fine silkBeZapped.

Roxy Voorhees is using 52 count Vintage Exampler full cross over two and Vicki Claytons Super Fine silkBeZapped.

Roxy’s reference to Gina’s Unique Boutique for the bling.

Roxy Voorhees I have Got 52/60 Vintage Examplar for my Red Ship from my LNS, Reflections. I have gotten colored LL 45 count from Stitchville and Attic. I have gotten colored 52/60 from Attic. I used Tutor silk on two projects and am using V Clayton Super fine silk on the Red Ship. When I was at Attic, they convinced me to use JJ # 10 tapestry bead needle. Works great on high count fabric. Thanks Jean !!!

Big Ship slice

Cindy Chapman Wasner I USED Vintage Sand by Lakeside and it is Close to the picture! With Schoolhouse red Gloriana. I have a little more done including the cool horse. I have more blue now, not as dark as midnight.

Cierra’s note:  I looked a bit closer and it looks like 40 ct, 1 over 2? I like choice of sand and schoolhouse red over my choice of rosewood and nice to see contrast between blue and gold.

Multiplication Slice

Kay Lynn:  I am using Schoolhouse Red and Dutch Red in this Multiplication Hornbook by Ellen Chester. The top is Dutch Red; bottom is Schoolhouse Red. The top part is stitched over one in Dutch Red; the words and numbers are Schoolhouse Red. Hope this helps you a bit in your planning. Do you think you will go crazy stitching such a large piece in tent stitch over one on
40 ct? I would! Good luck!

Idyllicneedle Cierra Stitched using various counts and threads, 1 over 1, 40ct, 36ct, 32ct, 28ct. Thread that wins for 40 ct is Gloriana Tudor silk. 120/2.Linda Vinson was right. It’s a bit finer than luminesence and easier to work with smaller counts. Needed to use a size 12 chenille needle. Tried tent stitch and cross stitch on 40 count. I didn’t like the “look” of tent stitch, so that won’t work… unless the linen is more like canvas. I have some 40ct that I’ll test that is kind of stiff like canvas that I’ll try the tudor silk on. The bad new is… I kept falling asleep with the 40 ct., 36ct. due to the eye strain. 32ct was better. 28ct was so much better. With the 28 ct I used Gloriana regular silk floss … that would be equal to 56 count, 1 over 2… so Roxy… I could probably do 52 over 2 quite comfortably…. and not have to lose a stitch. Cindy‘s comment about frogging 1 over 1 stitches… yikes.. not very forgiving. It’s so good to know about this before starting this project. At least I know my limits.