I started staging this on December 13, 2013 with the intension of starting it in 2014. It never got started because I forgot all about it as the supplies started coming in.  So… we being again…

Quaker Christms I by ByGone Stitches


Planning to try this in Gloriana Luminisence… purchased from Michigan Doctor.

I found this colorway on the Wooley Stitcher Blog that I think is very pretty.  I think I would get tired of working the sampler if all one major color.

Gloriana colors are Black Cherry, Forest, Antique Gold and Midnight.Ordered from MichiganDoctor in eBay  (10)  20yd skns $45

(3) Forest #087
(2) Black Cherry #109
(1) Midnight #093
(1) Antique Gold #086
(3) Pacific Dark Blue #173  (for Spirit of Vierlanden  – Long Dog Sampler).

Pictures from the Wooly Stitcher

She’s using 32 count fabric, stitch 1/1.  That would make me blind after awhile.  I think I’ll use 36 count.  1 over 2.Edinburgh  flax tea-dyed.

Design is 320W x 205H  –  @ 36ct. – 17.78 x 11.39
So… 18 x 12 + 3″ on each side…. cut 24 x 18

MORE COLORWAYS… just in case I change my mind.