A Dutch sampler from the province “Friesland” in the north of Holland. Many of the Friesan samplers are broader in width than in height. The large alphabets on these samplers typically have the letters surrounded in outline stitch in a different color with little circles or curly stitches. As most Dutch samplers they contain a large amount of spot motifs, often haphazardly placed. Ours has these as well as a scene along the bottom of a typical Dutch house of the period surrounded by trees, a man driving a cart & horse, man on a ladder, as well as deer, storks, birds and a windmill.

In the center is a beautiful tree of life with birds on it, the birds connect us to heaven. Four sided figure on far right symbolizes the world of nature (four elements). Heart near the top with a crown on it and arrows through it is a symbol for God’s love. Eagles symbolize might and faith. Eight sided figure symbolizes completeness. The tree of life appears in many forms throughout history, it is one of the most important motifs – a symbol of the hereafter. Our sampler is reproduced from the original in the “Ottema Kingma Stichting” on loan to the Fries Museum in
Leeuwarden, the Netherlands. Access no. 1957-103. Stitches include cross, double running, Algerian eye and herringbone.

Size: Finished Size: 25 1/4″ x 11 1/2″ (64cm x 29cm)
Thread Count: 30 count (12 thr/cm) on dyed linen.
Colour: Colors: Greens, blues, golds and beiges
Recommended Level: Intermediate
Cost: DMC – $79.00 Silk – $115.00 cht. 19.00
Categories: Dutch & German
ID: 121


NOTE: Model from Attic Needlework.  purchased from Attic Needlework in AZ  (5/2014)


This is the same sampler… using the original chart. Notice the green in the trees? Too light. The linen used is also too translucent. However, it’s done exactly as the design recommends…


Progress… 7/7/14… got stuck on the house because the chart was totally confusing. Got frustrated and moved on to the letters. Last night I realized I was off somewhere and noticed that I forgot the letter E on the second row. grrrrr… rip, rip second row and part of the first.


Update:  7/13/14… This is longer than I thought it was going to be. Should have considered 40 count… but definitely will frame it once it’s done. the goal is to make a dutch sampler wall.

This is a closeup of the house. I couldn’t quite follow the chart and I could probably chart it on my charting software but was a bit tedious. It’s cross, miss a thread, cross, miss a thread. I asked for ideas on the samplerworld group and tried a few. One that worked was to do the windows and door first, then go on from there. After a couple of tries, this is what I ended up with.



Progress as of 10/2014.