This is Sojourner by Theresa Baird of Heart’s Ease Exampler.  This kind of reminds me of the HIdden Magnolia Sampler by Catherine Theron.  It was a class piece years and years ago. I’ve waited for it to become available for awhile.  In 2014, it was being offered by the Tudor Rose Sampler Guild but I saw this one and had to make a decision.  Sojourner won.

2014Sojourner blog


12/10/2014… Joined Bay Area Sampler Guild in San Francisco.  I’ve always wanted to join a guild.  This design was the nudge I needed to just go ahead and join.  $15

12/15/2014… Ordered Sojourner chart… $50 + $10 class fee.

1/8/2015… Ordered Classic Colorworks Belle Soie from Stitching Bits & Bobs.  $6 a skein.

1/12/2015… Invitation to on-line class…

1/13/2015… oh .. .how exciting. My first newsletter from BASG….BASG NEWSLETTER

1/16/2015… order from SBB has been shipped… Yayyyy. Waiting patiently.

Update:  1/18/2015

Fabric… going through my stash of 40 count fabric.  Had thought of using 40 count sandstone, however, I found some 40 count Newcastle fabric from Stitches and Spice called “Sand Storm”.   The design area is 259W x 304H… on 40 count that’s 12-7/8″ W x 15-1/8″ high  (cut with 3″ border all the way around… approx. 19″W x 22″H).  The piece I have is 27″ x 36″…. so basically, I can cut this fabric in half and be fairly safe.


Stitches I need to practice….

  • Satin
  • French Knots
  • Backstitch
  • Spiral Trellis Stitch
  • Tent Stitch
  • Montenegrin
  • Alternating Double Backstitch
  • Rhodes Stitch
  • Closed Herringbone
  • Diamond Eyelet
  • Queen Stitch
  • Holbein Stitch

Update: 1/21/2015

Threads are in… yayyyy


Update: 1/27/15

Fabric cut  22 x 19…   4 x 19 used as a doodle cloth and set aside.  This will be used for practicing specialty stitches on 40 count fabric.  Threads inventoried.  All there… Yayyy.


Package the silk and find a box.  Mental note… need to design foldup project boxes to hold threads.  Size 28 needles.  Scissors.. Magnet to hold scissors.  Pincusion.  Q-Snap Frames.


Update:  1/27/2015

Started in the center.  Don’t trust myself to start at the top left as suggested.  Pecan Pie and Chester Blue.  Love the color combinations already. This is the first time using 40 count.  How do these needleworkers do this??  It will take awhile to get used to size.  Size 28 needle and silk make it easy.  I’m using 3.5X magnifer glasses.  May have to find 5X or 6X or 7X.


Update:  3/15/2015

I have since solved the “stitching on 40 count” issue by getting 4X reader glasses 


.. and a 90 LED magnifier lamp at Amazon


Even with these visual aids, I still have to put it away periodically.  Stitching it puts me to sleep.

Update:  4/15/2015

photo 5

Update:  6/3/2015

Light pointed co ceiling

Took Sojourner out of the frame to take a bigger picture. Made a mistake on the frist strawberry on the middle band, now there’s a red splotch. Im going to leave it to remind me what happens with red if I’m not careful. Same thing happens with black. Made a mistake with the bee but I’m leaving that too. I haven’t quite mastered blackwork. Need more practice.