Spanish Sampler Start 1/2015

SPANISH SAMPLER in Treasures in Needlework Magazine… Winter 1992

This sampler is in Treasures in Needlework Magazine, Winter 1992.  Primarliy of ornate geometric and floral borders surrounding a square central motif. It reflects a Moorish influence to the Spanish decorative style. The central emblem in this smapler represent Castile, Leon, Aragon and Granada.


Plan to have this sampler hem stitched and mounted on a linen board.  The hem stitching is done using #12 Pearl Cotton.  191H x 191wide.

  • 36 count over two…  10-5/8h x 10-5/8″ w
  • 28 ct over two….  13-3/4″h x 13-3/4″W

Stitches Used…

  • Large Algerian Eyelet
  • Medium Algerian Eyelet
  • Smal Algerian Eyelet
  • Diamond Eyelet Stitch
  • Four-sided Stitch
  • Four-sided Stitch Diagnonal Variation
  • Overcast Stitch
  • Satin Stitch

Decided to use 28ct Potato Lugana.   Cut 20″H x 20″W


DMC Color AVAS Eterna NN
0001 Ecru
0221 shell pink dk 4624
0223 shell pink med lt 4622
0224 shell pink lt 2942
0597 turquoise med 125
0598 Turquoise lt 132
0611 Drab Brown dk 4536
0612 drab brown med F9
0924 gray blue vy dk 1746
0926 gray blue vy dk 1744
0927 gray blue dk 1742
3041 antique violet med 3334
3042 antique violet lt 3323
3363 leaf green dk 1835
3364 leaf green med 3723
3722 shell pink med 4623
3768 gray blue dk 1745


Started 11/26/2014

Update 1/16/2015… I decided to use my stash of Needle Necessities cotton threads. It’s been quite a while since I’ve used cotton.  Glides differently but the color graduations are very nice.

Spanish Sampler

Update 1/21/2015…  Decided to take a break from the American Sampler and work on this one again.  I had forgotton what colors I used for the outside border.  I really need to review the packets and label them.   I don’t like the color of the “2014”.  I’ll have to frog and change it to the color I did ANNO in.   I’m using gold metallics for the shield.

Update 2/27/15…  finished everything except the backstitch on the left.  It goes in a project bag for now, with remaining threads needed and copy of the design.



Update 3/1/2015…  finished up the backstitch.  Now my conscience says I can start another one.



This image is from someone else’s finish.  Looking closer, bottom flowers are in cross stitch.  She didn’t do the specialty stitches the design called for.  After looking at the chart a bit, I noticed that it’s hard to follow how these are constructed.  There should be a separate chart or diagram on how to complete this.

Rio and alphabet 002