Quaker Addict by A Mon Ami Pierre


Using Gentle Arts Sampler Threads  (GAST).  The thing I noticed about GAST is that it’s thicker than Weeks Dye threads.


Started:  11/1/2014

The design calls for 28ct Lilac.   I found some Lugana 25 Lilac that I will be using for this project.

Update:  1/16/2015

I stopped here for a bit so I can stage other projects.

Quaker Sampler

Update:  3/18/2015

I finished staging other projects, then conviently forgot about this one.  Ughhh.  I really should finish this one since it’s so close to being finished anyway and I’m running out of Q-Snap frames.  This one is mounted on an 8 x 8

Update:  4/15/2015

photo 1

So it’s stitched and done. So what have I learned?  On 25 count fabric,  use 3 strands of thread instead of 2.  Two strands is for 28ct or 32 ct. over 2 threads.

I will probably do this one again but next time one over one lugana.