Flemish Giant by Long Dog Sampler

Flemish Giant by Long Dog Rec. 4/27

Flemish Giant by Long Dog


12/20/2014… Kitted

Started:   1/9/2015….. in the middle with the bunny and U.  I really like the backstitch flourish of this letter. It’s like blackwork. I’m told that blackwork was brought to England by Katherine of Aragon, 1st wife of Henry the VIII.  She made all his shirts with blackwork. It has the look of lace.  Also, if you couldn’t afford lace, blackwork was used as an alternative.

Curly letters are usually on Friesian samplers.  This one is especially ornamental and quite original.  I think that’s why Julia Line’s designs always catch my eye.  I had considered changing the top row a bit but decided against it. It’s perfect as it is.



Finished Design Size:   394w x 199h  (40cm x 20cm)

Update:  12/20/2014….

I’ve decided to at least start kitting this.  Calls for Gentle Art Sampler Threads  (GAST) which I have.   I may not have the exact color needed but close enough.

I’m using 36 count white linen for this one… cut 3″ longer on all sides.   Average count is 400w x 199h

400W = 22.22   Cut 28″  >>>>  200H = 11.11  Cut 17″

Colors Needed

DMC Gentle Art
221 Rose Garden
310 Raven
3688 Tea Rose
3778 Copper
931 Liberty
919 Gingersnap
782 Pumpkin Pie
3821 Butternut Squash
833 Grecian Gold
975 Bittersweet
312 Presidential
523 Green Apple
3816 Grape Leaf

Some example pictures for reference… found in google search

the last one is from Yoko… she’s stitching this on Lugana 25ct,  2 over 1.   I’ve never tried that before.  Intriguing….


Update 5/10/2015

I have begun… from the center… making my way up to the letters.  When I got to the letters, I noticed that they were different variations of colors… meaning I would have to change colors often… well… a lot.  Such a mess that would be on my table… fishing through colors. Geez.

Oh wait… on my last trip to Needle in a haystack I got some Gloriana silk floss.  Bellagio, Highland Garden and Cottage Woods.  Why?  Temporary insanity.

GLT-SF0135  BellagioCottage Woods Cottage Woods

066A_Highland_Garden_Dark Dark Highland Garden


Cottage Woods on top & Ballagio on the bottom letters


ABCDE is Caron Waterlilies
FGHIJKLM is Dark Highland Garden
NOP is Caron Waterlilies
Bigger letters on the bottom is Bellagio

I finished the first two rows of letters over the weekend.

Next comes the friesian bordered letters.  Each letter has a different border, which is nice but I don’t quite like the colors of GAST used.   I may have to frog… but maybe leave in just to show differences between cotton and silk.  T, M and U are done in GAST cotton.  I lay in bed last night thinking about it.

When I woke I thought… CLASSIC COLORWORKS.  I have a project (Sojourner) that called threads that will have lots left over.  I could surely use some of it for this sampler. At least the rest of the bordered letters.  After I finish the letters, I’ll need to go back to Sojourner and finish it to determine what I have left over for the rest of this sampler.