Making a project list… I have these but need to put on my future to do list one day.  As each one is selected as a project… remove the picture and create a project page with staging and progress information. Don’t start without a project page.

Project References

This category is for keeping track of materials and supplies used for planning to work with a design.  I work in rotation of about 4 or 5 projects at a time and sometimes I need to go back and review the plan, why I started it and how.   Below is a list of starts.  Each one will have a page detailing what fabric is considered and what it actually used and different types of floss.



  • Sampler Company  Birds Sampler  (Brenda Keyes SAL)
  • Sampler Company  Sweet Humility  (Brenda Keyes SAL)
  • Sampler Life SAL




  • LDS Spirit of Vierlanden
  • LDS Do Bears
  • SANQ  Quaker Medallion (C Street)  SAL
  • Needleprint  Sarah Moon Quaker Sampler
  • Misc Biscournus
  • Quaker Christmas by ByGone Stitches


    • Quaker Ball