This was a Facebook Group SAL called Sampler World Quaker Medallion 2014 SAL

Started in 5/1/14 and finished 10/2014.   It didn’t really take me 5 months to do. I work in rotation.  When I don’t have the patience and keep making mistakes,  I usually take a break from a piece.

The linen I used was very stiff linen, 32 count.  It “irons” out very nicely.  No wrinkles or fold or frame marks.

I also used Old Willow cotton floss to test the color variations.  the blue letters are sulky blendables, size 12, stormy.

It had a few specialty stitches… very few but slowed me down a bit.  Lots of frogging.  However, one thing I learned is that I like Queen stitches.  So much so that I started another sampler in 2015 that has a lot of queen stitches.  American Sampler by Sandy Orton for Treasures in Needlework magazine.