Usually, I plan how many projects I will have in rotation by how many Q-Snap frames i have.   I only have 4 sets.  When I run out of frames, it’s time to finish one to free up a frame.

Well, it seems I now have more than 4 projects going this year, with an addition of a few little SALs.  So I will need to order a few more frames.  The question is, how many and what size.  As i was putting frames together, I realize I only have sets that are 11 x 17.  I don’t really like stitching with 17″ size because it’s too heavy on my hand without a needlework frame. With this in mind, I think I will stick to ordering 11″ frames and maybe one 8″ frame for the band samplers.

Next… where to order from.

… since I have Amazon Prime, I get free shipping.