It’s time to get myself organized.  I’ve got all my stitching projects lined up and all aroung my stitching chair in plastic see through boxes.  It is such a sight to see.  I’ve been sick since the middle of December and haven’t had the energy to clean up… but now it’s getting overwhelming.


… started so far… working in rotation

  • Spanish Sampler  (Sandy Orton) :  Started 12/2014)
  • American Sampler  (Kooler Designs, Sandy Orton)  (Started 12/2014)
  • Marken Sampler  (Margareet B./Needleprint)  (Started 1/2/2015)
  • Quaker Addict  (AMAP)  (Started 11/2014)
  • Sojourner  (Theresa Baird) no started, waiting for supplies – this is an on-line class
  • Flemish Giant  (Long Dog Samplers : Start 1/9/2015)


  • Fans of Brenda Keyes  (Bird Samplers or Sweet Humility)
  • Samplerlife  (with Ina Van Laar as the lead)
  • Randje per Week  … was supposed to do it last year