I’m quite intrigued by the Amager Panel and it’s original influence.  Needleprint has written several articles about it.  It’s a style of embroidery brought to Denmark by Dutch settlers nearly 500 years ago. Some comparisons are made with the embroidery from the Isle of Marken.

Amager1 1b.indd

As for myself, I love subtle designs that have hidden pictures in them, depending upon perspective.  I see ponies and differenty kinds of birds and ornamental designs.   When I get around to stitching this, I would like to stitch it in dark blue over white.  36 count.


Remember this old classic Arbre Aux Oiseaux Positif by AMAP.  I came across it in my stash this morning.  It kind of reminds me of an Amager Panel.


I like how someone changed the outside border of this design.