Organizing pins and needles

I never thought to notice there are differences in pins and needles.  Now that I do quilting projects and sew quite a bit, I’m noticing the difference between fine point quilting needles and just regular quilting needles you find at sewing stores. I also notice the difference in the length of pins. I like long ones.  Anyway… getting off topic.  This is about a method of organization.


I like making pincushions for every type of pin so they don’t get mixed up with each other.  Each pin for a certain purpose.  I like this style for sewing because they’re light and if they fall to the floor, they don’t break. The the petals are like a bowl and hold pins while were working. I use LIQUID STITCH to hold it all together and it works wonders.  Actually… I made the blue one to try out the Liquid Stitch I bought last week.

These pincushions are 6″ in diameter.  The measurements below reflect the size of a dryer ball cut in half  (2.75″) .  You can always change the dimensions to make smaller ones and for the center, stuff with fiberfill instead of the dryer balls.

Materials List.

  • Floral fabric – 30″ x 19″
  • Solid fabric – 21″ x 17″
  • Dryer Ball  (available on Amazon) – cut in half
  • (1) 6″ dia. circle to cover the half ball
  • (1) 3-1/4″ cardboard circle with sticky back
  • (14) 4-3/4 diameter circles for floral petals  (rows 1 and 2)
  • (7) 4-3/4 diameter circles for solid color petals  (row 3)
  • (1) 4-3/4 diameter circle for the cardboard circle
  • Short straight pins.
  • Liquid Stitch or any fabric glue


Cut the dryer ball in half.  Dot liquid stitch on the edge of the the 6″ dia. circle and cover the ball.  Anchor with the short straight pins.  Only takes a few minutes to dry.  I leave the pins in to make it more secure. Set aside

Back:  Dot the edges of (1) 4-3/4″ solid color petal with liquid stitch.  Peel off the sticky back paper and place it sticky side down on the fabric. Gather the edges around the cardboard circle until the fabric glue dries and is secure.  Set aside.

Petals.  Fold each circle in half, then fold in half a second time.

Row 1:  7 petals of floral fabric.  Attach each corner to each other. With a needle (double threaded), sew a running stitch along the bottom from one end to the other.  Pull to gather.  Set aside.

Row 2:  Repeat row 1 with floral fabric

Row 3:  Repeat row 1 with solid fabric

Row 1  Place gathered floral petals under the ball. It may take a bit of tugging and pulling to ensure the stitches don’t show. Once it’s positioned where you want it, dot the edge of the row 1 petals with liquid stitch.  Place the center ball on top.  Press down or reposition if needed.

Row 2  Apply Liquid Stitch on gathered floral petals.  Place under row 1 but stagger it a bit.

Row 3  Apply Liquid Stitch on gathered solid petals.  Place under row 2 but stagger it a bit.

Back cover…  Apply Liquid Stitch on edges of covered cardboard circle and place it on the bottom


Needle cards

I will be making these out of felt to hold the packaging, description of needle and a needle holder.